Introducing Carmine

You’ve had it before in one form or another, perhaps in your sweet candies, favorite juice, or frozen yogurt.

Carmine is a nice name for ground up or powdered (for lack of better description) red beetles usually added to foods for color.

more on other food additives:


happy reading,

sunil khemaney


2 Responses to “Introducing Carmine”

  1. Interesting article, although I am not at all delighted with the news of another misleading food ingredient—carmine. Personally, I am against taking products that involve animal cruelty (slaughter). However it seems that choosing foods that are cruelty free is becoming a tricky task since the food bureau are coming up with new names to masquerade the gross truth about certain food ingredients such as carmine, which can boldly mean “ground-up red beetles from Peru.” Whether carmine is beneficial or dangerous for our health is an issue yet to be debated on however I agree that public awareness is necessary to give people a clear ground to base their decisions in picking food.

  2. you mean i’ve actually eaten beatles????
    i’ve eaten a lot of other crazy things, but nothing close to beatles…

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