the truth about 7 common food additives

There are many controversies surrounding the additives commonly found in processed food.  If you are one the thousands of people who live off frozen dinners and other processed foods, here’s some food for thought

according to webmd, the following 7 common food additives are the most controversial…

 1) Artificial coloring

2) High-fructose corn syrup

3) Aspartame

4) MSG

5) Sodium benzoate

6)Sodium nitrite

7) Transfat

click here to learn why:



– sunil khemaney


3 Responses to “the truth about 7 common food additives”

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  2. i am not very convinced on this argument on additives,since a bulk of the food available in the market contain either one or more of the said ingredients, and yet they have been approved by the food bureau.

  3. I literally almost died during the summer of 08 due to ingesting too much Aspartame in Crystal Light. I have really thought about starting a class action lawsuit. Instead I have totally changed my life and the lives of my children when it comes to what we put on and in our bodies! I cannot believe that so many people do not understand the dangers of food additives. It is like they want to put their heads in the sand…”Oh the government would never let anything bad ever happen to me!” Yea, where was the FDA when I was in bed almost dead and unable to move for three weeks with doctors telling me I had M.S.? I cannot explain to people how absolutely frightening it was to feel as though I was going to pass out and never wake ever again and noone knew what to do.

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