Omega-3s – Fish Oils, Flaxseed Oil and Prostate Cancer – What do the Experts Say?

Omega-3s – Fish Oils, Flaxseed Oil and Prostate Cancer – What do the Experts Say?

ust how good are fish oils, flaxseed oils and other omega-3s at preventing prostate cancer? According to the experts quoted below, they may represent some of the most powerful anti-cancer nutrients available today!

Read this large collection of quotes on omega-3 oils and prostate cancer, and you’ll learn how boosting omega-3 intake while reducing omega-6 intake can help halt prostate cancer tumor growth and end the chronic tissue inflammation that ultimately contributes to prostate cancer.

What are good sources of fish oils? I personally like both marine omega-3 oils (from green-lipped mussels) and high-quality fish oils like those from Nordic Naturals ( Carlson Labs is also a trusted source ( I don’t trust most other brands of fish oil or krill oil because of the lack of ethics demonstrated by the people selling them. Krill oil harvesting, in particular, negatively impacts the fragile Antarctic marine ecosystem (, unlike aquaculture farming of green-lipped mussels, which is clean and sustainable.

Do your homework on fish oils and marine omega-3s. Since entering this realm, I’ve discovered this segment of the nutritional products industry is rife with dishonest people who are intentionally putting out all kinds of misinformation (even from people I once trusted). Ask for certification of eco-sustainability (virtually nobody has any). A good eco-certification group is the MSC (Marine Stewardship Counsel). Ask for test results showing the products are free from mercury, PCBs, pesticides and other man-made chemicals. And most importantly, find out how the oils are processed!. I’ve come to learn that some omega-3 oils sold by apparently reputable people are, in reality, heat processed, which destroys much of the nutritional potency of the oils. So all their great marketing copy is worthless when you consider how the product itself has been largely destroyed by heat.

If you’re not getting cold-processed oils, you’re not getting what you’re paying for. And if you don’t check out the eco-sustainability and purity of the oils, you might end up inadvertently supporting a company whose harvesting methods negative impact the environment (or whose oils are contaminated). So do your homework and ask tough questions of any supplier of fish oils, krill oil or other omega-3 oil sources.

Authors’ Quotes on Omega-3 and Prostate Cancer
Below, you’ll find selected quotes from noted authors on Omega-3 oils and Prostate Cancer. Feel free to quote these in your own work provided you give proper credit to both the original author quoted here and this NaturalNews page.

Omega-3 consumption in the Western diet has become so low that researchers can’t find it in lab sample tissues. A study of men found higher concentrations of omega-3s in blood serum samples taken from healthy males, with lower concentrations taken from men with prostatitis. The lowest rates were found in men with prostate cancer. Fish oil has about 30% omega-3 oil while flaxseed oil has about 60% omega-3 oil. So flax is the only oil that can correct the imbalance in omega-3 & 6 oils in the Western diet.



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