A Tuber That Tames Your Appetite

A Tuber That Tames Your Appetite

Want a low-cal, low-fat, and highly nutritious veggie that can also tame your appetite? Try jicama (pronounced HICK-a-ma).

Jicama takes a huge bite out of your appetite because it’s crammed full of fiber — a plant substance that helps you feel full longer. One medium-sized tuber has a whopping 32 grams of the stuff!

Fiber Is Fatal for Appetite
In his book The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth, Jonny Bowden, PhD, writes that one medium-sized jicama contains about three times the fiber most Americans consume in one day. And you want that fiber, because it makes you feel fuller by increasing volume in your digestive tract and triggering satiety hormones. Watch this video for another amazing health benefit of fiber.

Learn why keeping your mind on your food helps you eat less of it.

And That’s Not All, Folks!
Check out a few of the other vital nutrients found in crisp, juicy jicama:

* Calcium & magnesium — Discover why getting both can do wonders for your bones.
* Potassium — Pump up your muscles with this powerful nutrient.
* Vitamins A and beta carotene — Learn what they do and how much you need.
* Vitamin C — Here’s why your skin loves this vitamin.

Recipe Corner
Enjoy the jicama in this exotic-tasting Papaya-Avocado Salad recipe from EatingWell.
RealAge Benefit: Eating fiber early in the day can make your RealAge 0.6 years younger.



~ by sunil khemaney on April 14, 2009.

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