What is the scientific evidence that mobile phones can cause damage to the body?

What is the scientific evidence that mobile phones can cause damage to the body?

There is a substantial body of scientific evidence showing that mobile phone radiation causes significant biological effects. These studies have indicate that there are possible health implications related to impaired brain function and behavioral disorders, symptoms like headaches and fatigue, and an increased risk of cancer and degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Some of the latest studies:

A Swedish team investigating mobile phone users ran the world’s largest study: 11,000 cell phone users complain of a variety of symptoms after as little as 2 minutes of use.

The Lancet, a British Medical Journal reported a study that radiation from cell phones causes an increase in blood pressure and directly alters cell function in the human body.

Dr. George Carlo, chairman of Wireless Technology Research, found links between cell phone use and cancer in a study done at Stanford University reporting cellular phone radiation can triple the number of chromosome abnormalities in human blood cells.

The UK’s National Radiological Protection Board confirms significant absorption of microwave energy in the eyes and their sockets, brain, nose, tongue and surrounding muscles.

Research sponsored by the Department of Health at Bristol Royal Infirmary in western England showed portable telephones may alter memory and interfere with concentration and spatial awareness. The experiment was seen as powerful evidence of how cell telephones might temporarily scramble the thoughts of their users.

The National Cancer Institute in the U.S. investigated seven industries in the Eastern U.S. and found there has been a tenfold increase in brain tumors among employees who have worked there for twenty years.

Dr. Lennart Hardell examined brain tumor sufferers in a case controlled study and found subjects using a cell phone on the right or left hand side of the head increased the risk of getting a tumor by two-and-one-half times. * Bioelectromagnetics published a report digital cellular phone microwaves produced a significant 40% increase in the activity of the cancer-related enzime ODCI. *Studies at University of Utah found the thin skulls and smaller heads of children offer less protection against microwaves and therefore my have a greater risk of damage to brain cells. 50% more radiation is absorbed by a ten year old than an adult.

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