Cholesterol Control With The Right Diet

Cholesterol Control With The Right Diet

Cholesterol ControlCholesterol check has become imperative and most ailments are triggered because of it. Developing a healthy lifestyle can bring down its high levels.

How To Keep Cholesterol In Check:

1) Adding whole grains, beans, fiber to the diet can do wonders. Cut out the refined flour and sugar. You may actually lose away some pounds without much effort. Whole grains also help in cutting down the risk of diabetes.

2) Exercising daily is much needed. Brisk walking for twenty minutes too can do wonders. But it should be done regularly without allowing laziness to set in.

3) Eating the right kind of food should also be extended when eating out. Avoid fried foods as much as possible. Instead opt for grilled, roasted or steamed foods. Insist on salad dressings to be served on the side and not mixed with the vegetables. This should be practiced even when you ask for the main course. Ask for the sauces to be served separately. This habit will allow you to keep a check on your calorie content as well as cholesterol. Most sauces contain a lot of sodium which tend to escalate the blood pressure.

4) A stress-filled lifestyle should be discouraged. Taking a stroll at lunch time, watching children play or even gazing at the clear sky can help you relax. Deep breathing exercises should be done regularly to de-stress.

Our well-being lies in our hands. It is rare we understand its importance until we fall prey to some malady. It is important to take precautions so that life becomes easy and enjoyable.



~ by sunil khemaney on November 24, 2008.

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