Use Your Cellphone to boil eggs!

Cellphone radiation boils egg in 80 min. Think what it can do to your head

If a recent study on the impact of the electromagnetic radiation of cellphones, conducted by Panjab University, on eggs is an indication, this

modern-day wonder could be doing considerable damage to all of us. The eggs, kept between four working cellphones, were cooked hard-boiled.

If that’s not enough to scare you, ever wondered where the chirping sparrows have vanished? Well, the study shows that cellphone radiation could well

also be responsible for their vanishing act.

While scientists across the world are trying to find a reason for the extinction of a common bird such as a house sparrow and have linked it with

the excessive radiation of EM (electromagnetic) waves in our environment, a team of researchers from Panjab University has proved it that the waves

adversely affect even the tiniest of insects, mustard seeds, wheat grains and even eggs of hen.

According to a research being conducted by V P Sharma of the department of zoology and guided by Dr R K Kohli, Dr H P Singh, both from the department

of botany, and Dr Upma Baghei of the department of zoology, the radiation released by the mobile towers have two kinds of effect, thermal effect and

non-thermal radiation effect. These effects are being studied simultaneously on plants, honeybees and hen eggs.

These rays (same as those in a microwave oven) generate heat and adversely affect seed germination in plants and impair cell expansion.

“The idea behind this research is to sensitise people about the harmful effects of using mobile phones and living in close proximity of a cellphone tower,” said Dr R K Kohli.

Interestingly as a part of the research, all necessary permissions and clearances were sought from the relevant departments to conduct experiments.

“Around 50 eggs were used in experiments conducted at different times so far and we even sought permission for them,” said Dr Kohli.

The mobile phones were connected to pre-recorded tapes and four of them were kept engaged with an egg between them. After around 80 minutes, the egg

was “hard-boiled”. Eggs of hen were exposed intermittently to radiation from cellphones.

It is pertinent to mention here that as per this study, which was started in 2005, there were a total 199 mobile towers in Chandigarh alone and the

electromagnetic radiation released by these towers were far more than the prescribed limit (as per a petition filed in the Supreme Court).

The sectors, which receive much more than the permissible limit and are at a higher risk, include sectors 8, 9, 17, 18, 21, 23, 27,

30, 32, 33, 34, 35, 38, 44, 45, 46, 59 and 51.

The research is in its final stages of tabulation and the effects of EM waves are being studied on enzymes, cells and top layers of plants.

Taken from: Discovery Today


~ by sunil khemaney on October 9, 2008.

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