A blog dedicated to truth

To those whose interests lie in getting to the truth and heart of topics (be they in the fields of health, politics, world affairs, media or entertainment), this blog is dedicated to that end. Let’s start off with the controversial subject of the health hazards from cell phone use. It usually takes a death of someone in the media (Johnny Cochran), some talk show segments (Larry King) and a few lawsuits sprinkled in, to get people’s attention. Then come the Youtube spoofs (popcorn popped by cell phones ringing) and before you know it, because old habits are hard to break, and those cell phones are so damn convenient, everyone is back in denial about any health hazards. This has all the makings for an impending health disaster that will make the tobacco industry feel they got off very lightly. Stay tuned for more!


~ by sunil khemaney on July 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “A blog dedicated to truth”

  1. My brother in law died of brain cancer. (about 5 years ago) He was a businessman and was constantly on his cellphone. A natural medicine doctor he consulted asked him about how often he used cellphones and brought up the the possible link between cellphone use and brain cancer. My sister tried to look into this possibility, but she was repeatedly told that there wasn’t enough evidence.

  2. Thomas Hobbes said: such truth, as opposeth no man’s profit, nor pleasure, is to all men welcome.

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